The QEN is making the environment the top priority in the city. We are an all volunteer city-wide organization solely dedicated to Quincy’s environment. Since it’s founding eleven years ago, we have changed the face of environmental activism and politics in the city of Quincy in several ways:

  • Established a group of citizens who work tirelessly to make environmental issues a priority for our elected officials and city administrators.
  • Informed citizens through regular informational meetings
  • Held candidates’ nights on the environment
  • Provided updates on current issues through our web site, including QEN efforts related to Town Brook
  • Supported environmental education
  • Promoted Recycling
  • Advocated for the protection of land for open space
  • Worked to create more parks and recreational trails
  • Led efforts to reduce Quincy’s carbon footprint

In Short, the QEN has become the voice of environmental activism in Quincy.

Please donate to QEN today by clicking here! We have done all this with limited resources, and can use your help by establishing or renewing your QEN membership today! With your donation you receive our quarterly newsletters, notices about QEN issues, and our deepest gratitude.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the QEN, please use our contact form and someone from our Executive Committee will contact you.


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