What QEN Does

Past achievements:

  • Aided in allocating Hotel/Motel tax funds for open space.
  • Granted two Environmental Teacher-of-the-Year Awards to Quincy teachers that are excelling in providing an environmental curriculum to their students.
  • Coordinated numerous cleanups along the Neponset River.
  • Received two grants from the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund.
  • Organized and supported efforts to protect open space in Quincy, including Lot 23 (the Bird Sanctuary) in Marina Bay, 271 Sea Street in Merrymount, and the Hazeltine property in South Quincy near Faxon Park.
  • Hosted five successful Environmental Candidates’ Nights, events where candidates are asked to state their views on a variety of environmental topics.
  • Advocated for the City’s purchasing of greener cleaning products.
  • Collected 4000 signatures on a petition to put the Community Preservation Act (CPA) on the ballot in 2006.
  • Led a successful voter campaign to bring the CPA to Quincy, securing a continuous funding source for open space preservation.
  • Saw three of its members appointed by the Mayor to the committee responsible for overseeing how CPA funds are spent.
  • Held a successful Wellness Expo, an event that brought together organizations and people interested in healthy living.
  • Co-hosted with the Thomas Crane Public Library numerous environmental education programs.

What we’re doing now:

  • Actively monitoring the work of the Community Preservation Committee and advocating for the preservation of open space in Quincy.
  • Working with city officials, local businesses, and the public to ensure the creation of the Neponset RiverWalk, a recreational trail along the Quincy side of the Neponset River.
  • Reducing Quincy’s carbon footprint and increasing sustainable practices in the city through the work of our Climate Action Subcommittee.
  • Encouraging healthy living through the work of our Health and Wellness Subcommittee.
  • Supporting environmental education and initiatives in Quincy schools.
  • Participating in Quincy’s Recycling Committee, Wind Committee, and Community Preservation Committee, and in the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Restoration of the Lower Neponset River.

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